Saturday, September 26, 2009

Killer Bees?

I never believed that killer bees existed...That is until last night. I arrived at my friend Meredith Silver's house last night to find the house infested with "killer" bees. I was greeted by a bee that was, no joking, about an inch long and half an inch wide. I just about ran back out the door, until I saw it was dead. Ten minutes later when I ran upstairs I found 3 more just laying on the ground. I seriously felt like I was in a creepy sci-fi movie. The stingers looked like small daggers and the eyes on these things pop out so far you can see yourself in them. I am not scared of much but I have to say, I got a little concerned. All I could think about was waking up in the middle of the night to a loud buzzing sound followed by a highly painful jab in the face by one or more of these daggers.  Meredith actually experienced all of these things minus being stabbed in the face, thankfully. The whole night we really thought we were being filmed and kept running around the house looking for video cameras of some sort. Another thing about these killer bees, they are almost impossible to kill. Once you are successful in knocking it to the ground, the next step is to pounce on the creature and try to beat it to death. Since sounds like a fairly simple procedure but it is not. These bees are made of steel and titanium. You must swat and stomp, swat and stomp, and yell until they die. And that is just for one. Try trying to kill 20 of them. I tell no lies. 

Here is a not so great picture of the "killer bee." Even though it is not such a great shot, I risked my life to get a quick picture of it.

This is the ring leader, we are quite sure. 

Tonight we locked ourselves in the house hoping the bees wouldn't know we are here. While cruising the web tonight we happened to find out that these "bees" were actually hornets. I don't care. They are still bee like bugs and they look like they could straight up murder me. So far we have been successful. Who knows, maybe the "bees" are regrouping and forming a late night surprise attack. We shall take turns dutifully sitting watch with our killer bee swatter.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something You Should Know About Me If You Already Don't

So it has pretty much been what I have deemed "Birthday Week" this week for me. Even though my actual birthday is not until Saturday the 19th (also the same day as Talk Like a Pirate day this year) I have been receiving cards/money/gifts in the mail everyday this week. It has been fantastic!! But the reason for this post is to talk about a special item that I purchased with a Target gift card from my amazing parents. I had mentioned to my mom that I would love to buy a toaster oven and one week later I got my birthday card and a Target gift card with a note saying "For a toaster oven" on it. And here it is....

The foil inside was from a Bagel Bite lunch that I had just finished

Yes. I bought a toaster oven for myself for my birthday. I LOVE to toast things. I toast:
-english muffins
-actual toast
-eggo waffles
-bagel bites
-pretty much anything i want

It is the first of what will most certainly be many kitchen appliances that I will purchase in my lifetime. As I went into Target to buy it, I realized that a sign of growing up is when appliances actually look appealing and things like toaster ovens, washing machines, Kitchen-Aid mixers, and blenders are actually exciting to purchase. I'm only turning 20 this year but for some reason I feel much older than that. So yes, now you know that I have an obsession with toasted items. I love, love getting my sandwiches at Subway. Pretty much anytime there is a toastable option for an item, I get it. Pretty ridiculous I know. Its kind of funny to me because I feel as though I am easy going, and thanks to my parents I can eat just about anything cooked anyway (to be polite of course) but if there is a toaster available, I'm going to use it. Growing up, I was that kid who waited in line at a continental breakfast during vacation just so I could toast my bagel even when the entire family had finished breakfast by the time I had toasted it.

I am in love with my toaster oven.
The End

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can we say "Obsessive?"

I want to first off apologize for being so slack on my blog posts. It has been a crazy first few weeks starting back to school. During these weeks I have had to answer, once again, how the heck I ended up here in gorgeous Asheville, NC from Boerne, TX. Well the simple answer is Jesus, but the much longer answer includes Young Life and the Sloan Family who have loved on me way too much in my transition from Texas Culture to Western North Carolina.

Because of having to tell my story so many times these past few weeks I have thought about all the things that I miss from Texas. After compiling a list, I realized that the one single thing that has been the hardest is not eating Tex-Mex every single day of my life. Yes, this is a sad fact. While I do miss all the other important aspects (such as landscape, people, big blue skies, afternoon thunderstorms, scorching heat, and of course my family) the food keeps popping into my mind. I'm not going to even try to explain the deliciousness but for all of you who have not had a chance eat good Tex-Mex, think about the best Mexican food you've ever had and triple the deliciousness. Yes, it is that incredible. One place in particular comes to mind when I think of eating Mexican food. It's this fast-food type place called Taco Cabana. I used to live and breathe this place. I went there for lunch at least twice a week during High School. Three dollar lunch= awesomeness.

Here is me and my sister Mary in front of a Taco Cabana during one of my visits home last year.

Ever time I get off a plane in San Antonio, TX the first place I go is Taco Cabana. If I was given one last meal before I die it would 3 bean and cheese tacos with a personal chips and queso with a Dr. Pepper from Taco Cabana. A little obsessive I know but so worth it. This being said, the bottom line is I love Mexican food.